Exam Stress!


I have been up the walls lately with my final exams, so just in case you all thought I had given up on  blogging completely, I thought I’d give a quick post today. And what better to write about than my top tips for those who, like me, are sitting their exams! 

Prepare your clothes the night before; dress in layers so that you are not distracted if the room is too hot or cold and this will save you time on the day of the exam.

Bring water to stay hydrated. It is easier to stay focused when we are not thirsty.

Get a good night sleep. It’s important for clear thinking and
stress relief.

Visualize your successful completion of the exam before it starts. 
“See” yourself easily answering the questions correctly. Top athletes use this technique before any important competition. It can really help test taking as well. Sounds stupid but I found it actually worked! 


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