The “Epic Fails” begin.

Anyone planning their J1 summer needs to know, the first few days (or even weeks) are HARD! On my first morning there we all woke up very early, the time difference was not our friend but luckily we had our phones so we amused ourselves on facebook until it was time for breakfast, (we were staying in a hotel at first). Of course we got the cheapest hotel possible so breakfast wasn’t exactly the “full-Irish” we were hoping for but we made do! We then caught a bus to the beach front where we set about job hunting. This was the first time we let our naive minds get the better of us. Strolling into shops, restaurants and anything else we could find expecting that they would hire us with a heart and a half! We were drastically wrong. Our next mission was to find a place to live for the next three months, so we took a walk around to see if we could find anything, again we realize now the stupidity! What we did find though, was a sign for an open house and naturally we had to take a look. The only way to describe this house was something of the “Cribs” TV show, not for us since our budget was a bit short of the 2.2 million mark but it entertained us for a while. We sat and waited for a bus back to the hotel, we weren’t familiar with the bus times so we were waiting for ages but we played eye-spy and were okay! We got to our hotel and had great plans to go out, have dinner and go for a few drinks hopefully to meet some new friends and other Irish…but what actually happened was the time change got the better of us again and we literally passed out at 7pm and woke up at the crack of dawn the next morning fully dressed! A full day of failures! 


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