“Four” Stages of Crazy!


One thing that almost all J1ers can share, (or perhaps avoid sharing), is a “four loko” story/experience. For those of you who have never heard of this mysterious liquid, I direct you to the “Urban Dictionary” which defines it as; 

Legalized cocaine in a can. If you consume Four Lokos you can expect to encounter the same results typically associated with snorting a small mountain of cocaine.
“My dealer isn’t picking up” “Okay whatever we’ll just get some Four Lokos instead”
Four Loko got its name because it sends the person who consumed it into FOUR STAGES OF CRAZY:
Stage 1: Tipsy (loud, might stumble, laugh) 
Stage 2: Drunk (embarassing, stumbling, slight slur) 
Stage 3: Wasted (heavy slur, falling, hitting on fat girls) 
Stage 4: Black Out (no ability to speak, vomiting, waking up next to a fat girl, memory loss)
Okay, so clearly none of that is entirely true, but let me tell you it’s not far off for this unique combination of caffeine and alcohol, just look at it’s equivalent!
Alright I’ll stop being so boring about this because I can admit that some of the best nights of my trip last summer were fueled by these wondrous cans. I mean this stuff is so good it has a whole website devoted the stories it “caused”,  fourlokostories.com, and did I mention it has been banned in numerous states! So I bet you are waiting for me to share my crazy stories, well in truth, I can’t remember them as I seriously suffered from the four loko “blackouts”, but what I can remember is the horrible hangovers which resulted!
Was it worth it you ask? Most definitely!  

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