The OCTA…an experience in itself!



Any J1er who has been to Huntington Beach California will be very familiar with the 29 bus, serving Knott’s berry farm, downtown, the beach, etc, but the thing is any locals probably aren’t so knowledgeable about this! The public bus is just not used by the average resident of California (apparently). I was told by a local, “the only people who use the bus are either Irish or crazy!”…and crazy they were! In just a few weeks we met drug dealers, hoarders (with large bags of rubbish), had photos and videos taken of us by strangers and had people attempt to convert us to their religion! My personal favorite story to tell (or most horrific) is that one evening a pretty normal looking man sat beside and started talking, again nothing strange about it, average conversation but what happened next was very out of the ordinary! People at the back of the bus began to shout loudly and I muttered “oh god” or something of the sort, and THEN the man beside me stood up and shouted back “hey! stop it! You’re scaring my little girl!”….I got off at the next stop.        


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