What Happens in Vegas…



The Alarms started going off at 4 a.m. it took about five of them to actually get us to move! We all through clothes on and mutually decided there was no need for make up at such a crazy hour! We jumped in a taxi to the nearest Greyhound bus station and from there we set off on our journey for Las Vegas! We had two stops on the way which were right in the middle off deserts but you wouldn’t doubt the Americans, both stops had McDonald’s! 

We arrived in Vegas around 2:30 and caught another taxi to our hotel “New York, New York”. It was when we saw this hotel that we really realized that this was no ordinary place! The thing had it’s own roller coaster for crying out loud!


(and yes that photo is of just one hotel!)

So we made ourselves look decent and went for a walk along the “strip”. The heat was unbelievable but it didn’t spoil our fun. We went to see Caesar’s Palace and the Bellagio fountains




As we walked we met loads of promotions guys offering us deals for different night clubs that night, each one better than the last, (apparently being a group of young girls has it’s advantages!)

We picked the best option and went back to get ready for the night ahead!

Keep an eye on this blog to find out how it went…it’s a good one! 😀   


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