On a Beach Down in Mexico!


So you might think that for a group of young adults who are basically on a party holiday, crossing a simple border wouldn’t make much of a difference to anyone. You would be wrong. When we crossed into the amazing country that is Mexico, the last shred of morals, sense and even sanity were lost completely.

We got a special bus from where we were staying, shared with other Irish, early in the morning. The person organising the whole thing supplied vodka for the bus which was obviously a huge selling point for “our type”. This also meant however, that one girl passed out on the bus and another soon after we got there! The day that followed was easily one of the craziest of my whole summer (or life perhaps). On this particular day, there was a foam party, and mix in the sand from the beach we were on…I obtained many cuts, scrapes and bruises.

And that was just the day, when night fell, well to be quite honest, I can’t remember but I do know body shots were involved and there was some sort of “relations” between three girls and ONE guy. 

To get home, we had to cross the border back to the US. Coming from someone who freaks out at an airport when all my documents are not perfectly in order, this was amazing. I completed my chat with the officer, drunk, still wet with foam and shots, a black eye and missing a shoe.

And that my friends was Mexico.


C’mon let me ride!



Getting a bike, the next piece of advice I will give you if you are going on a J1. I got an old, second hand one by the beach for $50, and let me tell you my little orange bike was a very good friend of mine. We went everywhere together, work, the beach and even nights out occasionally. What made it even better is that me and three friends had matching orange bikes and looked like a proper “crew”. That was of course until I left it at the beach one time, yes it was locked, and came back to find it gone, stolen. Locks are no problem to bike robbers around the area. I did replace it with one I got at a flea market for $40 (probably stolen from some other poor person!) but I did not have the same connection with that bike unfortunately!