Airport Moments!

This very day last year was when it all began, all the sleepless nights and day dreams during college exams lead up to this! Left early and headed for Cork airport. There I met with my two friends Kelly and Norrita who would be traveling with me for the summer, (the rest of our gang were flying out from Dublin). Then of course we had the awkward goodbyes with my Mum who started crying, seriously get a grip woman, but what made it even more awkward was both my friend had brought their boyfriends too and were very emotional leaving :-/ We first flew to Heathrow, London where we spent three hours running around looking for our next flight (if you’re flying through there plan ahead!) Thankfully British Airways were excellent and our painfully long flight was made slightly less agonizing, I personally watched movies for most of it! When we finally reached LAX airport we suffered what is know as “immigration” which any J1er will tell you is not an enjoyable experience. I got a 10 minute grilling from a stern looking officer who defiantly thought I was a young, innocent child who hadn’t the first clue what I was doing in the USA, and he might have been right! As for poor Kelly, she made a mistake when they were taking her finger print and the reaction she got, we thought she’d be deported immediately. All part of the learning curve I guess!   


Tips for road-tripping the southwest USA on a budget

Could be useful guys!

On the Luce

The American southwest is one of the classic road trip destinations. You’ve got National Parks, Wild West landscapes, Native American history and Route 66 roadside kitsch – all along the roads that criss-cross the states of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.

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Exam Stress!


I have been up the walls lately with my final exams, so just in case you all thought I had given up on  blogging completely, I thought I’d give a quick post today. And what better to write about than my top tips for those who, like me, are sitting their exams! 

Prepare your clothes the night before; dress in layers so that you are not distracted if the room is too hot or cold and this will save you time on the day of the exam.

Bring water to stay hydrated. It is easier to stay focused when we are not thirsty.

Get a good night sleep. It’s important for clear thinking and
stress relief.

Visualize your successful completion of the exam before it starts. 
“See” yourself easily answering the questions correctly. Top athletes use this technique before any important competition. It can really help test taking as well. Sounds stupid but I found it actually worked! 


And I just thought I need to see some of the other coast too!

Trevor Saylor

I haven’t been blogging.

In my defense, I have been pretty busy lately. With my class eating up my days, I have been focusing on traveling as much as I can on the weekends. I also have been shooting almost all on film, and as I said before I came out to the East Coast, I won’t have it processed until I’m home in Minnesota again. So there are precious few photos to share as of yet, despite the fact that I’ve been super busy.

My wife flew out for a few days to visit, and we took a long weekend opportunity and headed to the Big Apple for a few days. This is the second time I’ve been to NYC since I’ve been out here, and at first it’s pretty overwhelming. I have spent a fair amount of time in London, grew up in Berlin, and have traveled to…

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Las Vegas does the world

I was lucky enough to get to spend a weekend in Las Vegas while on my J1 summer. I can easily say it was one of the best weekends of my life! Here is a Reblog from “On the Luce” to give you all a taste of what it’s like!

On the Luce

Over the last 20 years I’ve visited 35 different countries, covering thousands of miles and spending a scary amount of money to see the world. But little did I know that I could’ve just skipped all that hassle and ticked off some of the most famous sights from Europe, the USA and beyond in just an afternoon in Las Vegas!

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The Beginnings!


So it begins, the diary of a J1 experience. Thousands of us have done it, thousands more plan to but one thing is for sure EVERYONE should! It is probably one of the best things I have ever done and would recommend it to anyone. Undoubtedly, there is many ups and downs but they just add to the stories! Officially starting blogging at the end of May 2013, at the moment I am just trying to create some interest. I hope to impart wisdom to future J1ers, share memories with those who have been there and provide a few laughs for everyone else! Happy Reading 🙂 


Summer Fun!

Fun pick I found on Tumbler. Really captures the mood of this blog!